Padre-hijo de Invierno de Punto Sombreros de Espeso y Caliente de las mujeres de los Hombres de Otoño Gorro de los niños de Esquí de Lana Sombreros Gorras Gorras Pasamontañas

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Etiquetas: pasamontañas blanco, sombrero de esquí masculino, pasamontañas de las mujeres, pasamontañas de los niños, máscara pasamontañas, pasamontañas niño, pasamontañas de snowboard, pasamontañas de punto, búfer de la puerta, sombrero de pom.


  • Género: Unisex
  • estilo 3: niño sombreros de invierno
  • color: 6 color
  • Nombre Del Departamento: Los niños
  • Nombre De La Marca: oZyc
  • estilo 2: sombrero
  • Tamaño Adulto: 55-60cm
  • Adulto: tamaño 55-60cm
  • Estilo: Casual
  • Material: Lana
  • Estilo 1: Bufanda Sombrero
  • Tamaño de los niños: 48-54cm 2-8year de edad
  • Número De Modelo: F091
  • Tipo De Patrón: Sólido
  • Temporada: primavera /invierno
  • estilo 4: invierno sombreros de invierno

Fazal Rehman007
The kits came in two weeks. The color does not correspond to the declared. Yes, it is gray. But not the gray one that the seller has in the photo. Set dark gray with a green shade. Again, the hat is very long. Wearing, so that it is not funny, you can only bend the edges outside. And you have to wrap high. Again what is the logo for? When wearing it, it will not be visible. Read the preliminary reviews. I did not expect that it would be so. Is it worth opening a dispute, I do not even know (
The kit is without any praise! I recommend definitely! Inside soft, and at the same time not very thick, just for our winter)) very happy.
Great kit. I was lucky twice-I won him in a free way, and he's a normal depth. The grandson will be perfect. Thank you very much seller! I can not measure myself, he is a child, and the grandson lives in another city. Will come to visit, I'll take a photo.
Weak gum is not, too big for 7 years. But the child likes it.
The kits came in two weeks. But... colors and close do not correspond to the claimed. The red set is dark and not bright. The hat is long. The child to wear only bending the edge outside. The logo, as in the photo, we will not see in this format. At the teenager just right. But I did not buy a teenager (((I did not communicate with the seller.